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The National Association of Black Accounts Student Chapter at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is dedicated to giving back to our surrounding communities. Our philanthropic endeavors illustrate the organization’s mission of “Lifting as We Climb.”



Can’t Forget the Kids

Can’t Forget the Kids (CFTK) is a non-profit, community organization based in the Twin Cities. CFTK emerged in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, with the purpose to provide art therapy for children during treturous conditions due to injustice and the global health pandemic and crisis due to COVID-19. CFTK has provided over 1,000 of art kits to youth ages K-12 and has been a critical part of the Twin Cities’ overall healing and reconciliation. 

Our Student Chapter has fundraised roughly $1,000 to provide snack packs in addition to art kits for Twin Cities youth. We have created over 500! With the remaining 50% of funds, we will continue to support CFTK with snack packs. Any residual funds will be given to other organizations similar to CFTK that align with our mission.


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